Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet and welcome! This is something like the fifth version of my website now. I'm back to a homebrew solution, and ipso facto, another victory for minimalist design. Just static XHTML and hats. Well it's a bit more exciting than that behind the scenes, of course, because the XHTML is generated from an XML file using XSLT, so that all I have to do to update the website is edit the XML to include a new project, then run my custom Bash shell script, which passes a hat name to xsltproc as an XSL parameter and outputs all of the HTML files. The search feature performs a similar process 'online' using JavaScript, which is a bit more flashy, but I've kept the implementation as minimal as possible, neglecting IE6 support, for example.

Where, then, does this leave us? What is the meaning of the hats? How radical is radical? Who is behind all this? Who is the milkman? What is the solution to the P-NP problem? How are we going to tackle climate change, poverty and the energy crisis in a society that depends on endless economic growth just to function? I'll answer a couple of those questions here: I am Justin Morgan, an amateur linguist, amateur writer, amateur composer, gamer and self-defined communist anarchist hailing from the Cotswolds in England. And I have a metaphorical hat for each of these roles.

If you need to, would like to or have been exhorted to get into contact with me, use the address represented by:
feedback at corfizz dot com